Gelati Mochi
Gelati Mochi is a fictional design concept. It's a fusion of Gelato and Mochi Ice Cream with a fun dynamic approach. Gelati Mochi is an ice cream restaurant that contains an appealing theme that delivers an inviting and delightful experience; that customers can enjoy. You would find Gelati Mochi in Manhattan, New York.
By design, the brand’s theme of wonderland is showcased throughout the branding to illustrate a whimsical appeal for the brand’s atmosphere. It does this by utilizing a variety of bright/ bold tones and fun illustrations.​​​​​​​
brand slogan
Gelati Mochi or, as they call it, "Our Ice Cream Wonderland” welcomes you and your friends to enjoy a blissful taste of yummy pastries served with a side of creamy organic ice creams. 
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